Our goal here is to give both ourselves and our readers a well-deserved break from the increasingly polarizing and divisive coverage of current world affairs, whether it’s from MSNBC, FOX, The New York Times, or The Washington Post. When even freelance journalists can see through the partisan hacks on cable TV, you know the time is now for new commentators.

Mar Wars: The Quagmire Strikes Back

Another campaign promise of Joe Biden’s is shaping up to be tossed to the wayside, which could spell bad news for activity in the Middle East.

Joe Biden Is Only A Trojan Horse For The Status Quo

Last week saw a multitude of moves and developments from the Joe Biden Administration which, at the very least, fly completely in the face of right-wing talking points accusing Biden of being a trojan horse for socialist policies. The truth is much more disappointing.

Calling All Pundits! Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not The Next Donald Trump!

The mainstream media has seized upon feverish scrutiny of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in the wake of Donald Trump’s departure from the White House. Said scrutiny may be based in a cynical ploy to drive their ratings back up by finding another “villain” which can be used to demonize the entire Republican Party and its base.


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