Mar Wars: The Quagmire Strikes Back

As everybody knows, the United States got into the Iran Deal in 2015 for one reason and one reason only: to offer Tehran billions of dollars worth of sanctions relief in exchange for the immediate quelling of development of nuclear weaponry.

But even in 2015, the United States was doing sloppy work since Iran has evidently been on the verge of developing nuclear weapons for, oh let’s say…the last four decades or so, if you take our *beloved* intelligence communities at face value, mind you.

Now the ol’ song-and-dance has returned once more! (I can practically hear the seeds of democracy being planted by Biden and his merry band of war hawks!) Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned at the beginning of February that Iran could be only “weeks away” from the development of a sufficient nuclear weapon. Now one would think that Biden and his administration would have the foresight to make good on that promise from Biden’s campaign trail days to re-enter the Iran Deal. And in fact, with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani already welcoming a rejoining of the Iran Deal on the United States’ part, as it could “be a huge solution”, I can’t see anything on the horizon that in theory should jeopardize what is certainly the more proactive approach that doesn’t bring two nations closer to the brink of war.

Oh dear, I’m doing that thing called ‘optimism’ again, aren’t I?

Last week, Joe Biden popped his war-criminal cherry by launching airstrikes at bases in Syria controlled by Iranian militia groups. This was done in response to American forces supposedly receiving fire from the same Iranian militia in Iraq weeks earlier. Leaving aside the fact that such an act committed against a sovereign nation is illegal by international standards, Biden’s hawkish and confrontational measures against Iran threatens to further muddy matters and relations in the Middle East.

The window for compromises between the United States and Iran is quickly closing, as Iranian hardliners posed to undermine President Rouhani’s efforts to rejoin the deal stand posed to obtain a victory in the upcoming presidential elections, which is less than three months away. Furthermore, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a vested interest as well in the outcome of this skirmish, as he has gone on the record of insisting Iran will not be allowed by Israel to develop nuclear weaponry regardless of if Biden chooses to re-enter the Iran Deal; Netanyahu believes Iran’s government cannot even be trusted to abide by such an agreement as they are an “extremist regime”. (Pot, meet kettle.)

Airstrikes and future aggressive conduct at the expense of Syria will also only perpetuate sadistic U.S. economic “Caesar” sanctions, sanctions that penalize foreign investors if they do business with the Syrian government, and attempt to aid in its rebuilding and restructuring in the wake of a devastating proxy war – one that only began in the first place because of meddling from the U.S. and Israeli governments, among others.

My personal attitude towards Iran meanwhile, if indeed they are capable this time around of tenaciously and successfully developing a nuclear weapon, is that they in fact are striving towards a type of armament that can be wielded as a deterrent, rather than something to immediately be used in an offensive way. In Jon Stewart’s words, uttered just over a decade prior with regards to the exact same theoretical scare-mongering, Iran is more interested in a “self-preservationist streak”, and their supposed advances towards such weaponry is ultimately more a result of the unfortunate modernization of nuclear exploitation. After all, no one seems to raise feverish concerns over the United States being one of two nations with 92% ownership of the world’s nuclear weapons, but the moment it’s even suggested another nation could jump into the playpen with us, it’s economic sanctions and crippling for them until they sit in the corner and think about what they did!

Meanwhile, here in the states, Democrats and those around Biden largely seem to have, and pardon my French, dick to say.

Which is odd because I seem to recall, in the wake of incredibly hawkish decisions made by former President Donald Trump at the expense of Iran and Syria, comments from VP Kamala Harris, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, and yes, President Biden himself, among others, that would indicate that this type of reckless imperialism should be highly frowned upon.

I guess all the ire at Trump’s airstrikes were because he wasn’t using those exclusively patented fighter jets with the Black Lives Matter emblem on the side. In Biden’s administration, they probably don’t even call them “airstrikes” – I bet they prefer the term “guerilla deterrents”.

One series of airstrikes tells you everything you need to know about how unabashed Joe Biden and his administration will cling to the imperialist status quo of the U.S. empire. The utter hypocritical nature of austerity when it comes to money for the people, but rampant, rife investment when it comes to pernicious weaponry (like an F-35 program that ultimately gets canned anyway) has once again reared its ugly head.

The go-to knee-jerk reaction that scrutiny like this over Joe Biden elicits time and again always reads something to the degree of “Joe Biden has only been in office for a month! You need to give him time!”

But that is precisely what concerns me. I ask you this: if Joe Biden and his circle can launch airstrikes at Syria, expand NATO occupation of Iraq, back support for a dictator in Haiti, continue to push for a coup in Venezuela, and brand Russia as an “existential threat”, all in the span of one month, then what the hell lies in wait for the long remainder of his administration?



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