Joe Biden Is Only A Trojan Horse For The Status Quo

The point was hammered all the way home by Trump and the GOP last summer and into the weeks before the 2020 Presidential election: that Joe Biden and his administration would in fact be a “Trojan Horse” for a socialist agenda. Trump and right-leaning outlets such as the Daily Wire and NOQ Report said it over and over. It was almost as if everybody on the right suddenly emptied their minds of everything Joe Biden stood for and fought for over the last forty years – a very much center-to-right agenda. Or perhaps Trump had already set in stone his talking points to counter a Bernie Sanders campaign with, and then ran with them anyway once Biden became the Democratic nominee.

But perhaps what, in part, egged on the right’s accusations were many Democrats, progressives even, who also painted a wholly fabricated image of Biden as a staunch champion of the far-left. Bernie Sanders claimed that Biden would be the “most progressive” President since FDR, and AOC issued the claim that Democrats, under Joe Biden, would “secure the tenets” of progressive ambition such as a Green New Deal.

In truth, what Joe Biden represents is not a Trojan Horse for socialism or a vehicle without agency left to the devices of far-left liberals. He is undoubtedly a ‘Trojan Horse’ for the status quo of the last 20 years.

Imperialism and interventionism. Austerity and penny-pinching. An rampant ICE. Just as these features were evident in the administrations of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, they are increasingly looking to be part of the “norm” of Joe Biden’s administration as well.

And yet everybody seems to be occupied at brunch too much to care.

Since 2015, the United States has been backing extremists in Saudi Arabia in what has been deemed the “world’s largest humanitarian crisis” – that of an armed conflict and thousands upon thousands of airstrikes occurring in Yemen, reducing much of its landscape to rubble. Residents are on the edge of a famine in some cases, and the evidence could not be more clear at this point regarding the alliance between the American war machine and al-Qaeda extremists for the purpose of inciting regime change.

For nearly six years, following both Obama’s and Trump’s own separate backings of the Saudis, support has slowly but surely intensified for the notion of the United States completely cutting off its support to Saudi Arabia’s barbaric efforts to further its own hegemony. After Joe Biden’s election, the ball was placed firmly in his court. And for a moment, it looked as though Biden was ready to assert that enough was enough. Weeks earlier, it came out that the Biden Administration would end support for “offensive operations” in Yemen.

Almost immediately though, the qualifying language of “offensive operations” caught the eyes of many, and led some to wonder if in fact the Biden Administration would prolong support for the intervention in Yemen under the guise of “defensive operations”, with little having actually changed beneath the surface.

Sure enough, that inquiry became validated when reports emerged revealing that the U.S. military actually would continue to provide support and intelligence to Saudi Arabia regarding Yemen – you guessed it – for defensive purposes. The U.S. has also expressed clear insistences that the Iran-aligned Houthi group cease their offense in spite of Saudi-led coalitions continuing presently to conduct numerous airstrikes against the Houthi rebel groups.

Furthermore, it remains to be seen whether or not the Biden Administration will commit to, as a result of the large-scale famine, humanitarian aid to Yemen, done through the repeal of trade and import restrictions imposed on the nation by the U.S.

Back on Capitol Hill though, the deficit hawks are beating the drums for austerity, and Biden is joining in the song-and-dance with them.

It’s not hard to comb through previous administrations and uncover signs of efforts to preserve the precious deficit, whether it was Obama’s initial intentions to cut spending within domestic programs or Trump’s agenda to cut billions from Medicaid, food stamps, and other safety net programs. And now, Biden feels compelled to implement even further restrictions on stimulus checks – checks that were already means-tested under the previous administration mind you – contained in the next proposed Covid relief package. Why? Because at the moment, Biden and many in Congress are very much concerned that a lack of proper vetting of checks could mean that some very well-off individuals may inadvertently receive a check as well.

Amusing isn’t it that Congress has no issue throwing hurdles of money in the form of tax breaks or defense firm funding at some of the most affluent and influential people in the country, yet are now suddenly very fixated on means-testing when it comes time for them to do something for those that are struggling financially.

Biden’s efforts to slash funding for multiple programs via his Covid relief bill so that Republicans will be content have also drawn ire over the weekend in response to a proposed tax credit pending between the House and Senate that evidently does not do enough to bail out single parents when compared to two-parent households; Rep. Katie Porter claimed the notion as it stands “makes no sense” and has even proposed that the tax credit, if included in the final relief package, should feature a more lenient threshold.

And finally, there is the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, more infamously known as ICE. First formed during the George W. Bush Administration, the division, responsible for the overseeing of immigration detention centers, has gained quite a controversial and disreputable prestige over the last decade.

Allegations and investigations of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse being conducted from ICE and CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) officers have been rearing as far back as the Obama Administration, and the divisions have only received more fierce scrutiny as the Trump Administration came and went. Though it is true that under Barack Obama, the practice of separating and detaining immigrant children in cages at the border began, Donald Trump did nothing to alleviate the horrific conditions immigrants were being contained in, and instead, may have only “radicalized” ICE even further. The swift condemning of ICE from the left intensified so much, it generated a campaign slogan – “Abolish ICE” – that emerged during the 2018 midterms.

Biden has insisted time and again that Trump’s radical border policies would end once he was in office.

Instead, the opposite has happened.

For all the pearl-clutching the mainstream press conducted for years on end about how Trump must be defeated for the sake of the kids in cages, nothing that has come out of Biden’s administration indicates that this is a pressing matter for Biden himself.

Biden has now given ICE new guidelines to operate within, regarding deportations, which, I may add, have not ceased or even shown signs of declining by massive proportions ever since Biden was sworn in. The American Civil Liberties Union declared this a “disappointing step backward from the Biden administration’s earlier commitments to fully break from the harmful deportation policies of both the Trump and Obama presidencies.”

In addition, Biden has repurposed a tent facility in Texas to contain up to 700 immigrant teenagers, evidently without any bold proposal yet that involves potentially reuniting said teenagers with their parents or a guardian. Debilitating living conditions within the ICE detention facilities are only worsening in the wake of frigid temperatures sweeping even the southern states. Complaints from inmates regarding said temperatures are only met with retaliation from ICE agents in the form of fans being turned on, or blankets being deliberately tossed away.

But I guess if House and Senate Democrats at least succeed in their endeavor to replace the term “alien” with “noncitizen” in federal immigration legislation, that ought to keep those detainees content for at least a couple of weeks, right?

For all of the progressive Democrats’ insistence into the near-present that ICE be abolished, there seems to be an awful lot of cricket sounds coming from that side of the aisle in response to Biden instituting a “business as usual” approach to the handling of border immigration.

We were warned that Joe Biden would bring with him into D.C. a nightmare-inducing socialist agenda disguised in a return to normalcy. Except the “return to normalcy” is no disguise – it’s an immoral and reprehensible extension of establishment status quo politics.



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